Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I do not enjoy doing laundry at ALL! But I must admit, last week when I was pulling my clothes out of the washing machine, I had such a great sense of accomplishment-I was pulling out of the machine our families collection of hand knit socks, hand knit dishcloths & slippers that I had made over the years.
This time of year I love pulling out the wool socks-my husband by far owns the most pairs, and I will continue to make them for him because he Loves them. He is one of those guys who never asks for anything for himself- one thing he does love, are the knitted socks made by me. HOw can a girl say no to that?

ANd how can that same girl, who has made so many socks, abandon these wrist warmers that were started in 2008?-I stopped after the first one!!

My January goal is to finish the other wrist warmer.

What are your project goals for January,and what is longest it has taken you to finish a project?

wish me luck-now I am off to memorize a fairytale for school!!yes! memorize!!!


Julie said...

I hate laundry, too, but I can see how that would be a sweet feeling. I felt the same as I was gathering up mama knitted hats and mittens into the warm and woolly basket this evening.
Oh, and I don't have one from '08 but did find a single fingerless mitt from '09 mixed in my wool drawer today. I think I'm going to pretend I didn't see it, though. ;-)

Beth said...

Nice post! I haven't knit any socks for my husband yet but that is a goal for this year. But he wants them in a cotton blend. He's always warm and we live in the south. :)