Monday, September 20, 2010

waldorf school

I am adventuring down a long road-going to school-trying to get a waldorf teaching certificate.
I started school 2 weeks ago and so far I am loving it!!-There is a lot to soak in, a lot of new concepts and ideas swirling around in my head but It is a real nice change to my very busy week.

Here is what I made in my knitting class.
The first week we made our own knitting needles. We cut the dowel rods, sanded them down, and polished with beeswax-then she taught the class to knit. (because I have been knitting so long, I went ahead and finished the sleeping bag and made the doll)

believe it or not, this is what the kids will make in first grade at the Chicago Waldorf School-wow!!!!


Amber (Woodmouse) said...

Congrats on starting this journey! What fun it must be to get certified as a Waldorf teacher, so many creative projects you get to master.

azuree said...

It's so cool that you made your own needles! That must have felt so rewarding!

Beth said...

Very cool! And very exciting!

I subbed at our church's Montessori school last week. It was interesting to see all the different methods used in instructing the kids.