Tuesday, February 2, 2010

another cap-someone stop the itching

I added another hat to my etsy store-are you getting tired of looking at these yet?
This one is ROWAN all seasons cotton and is my favorite hat /yarn so far.

Meanwhile, I can't stop itching....my skin keeps breaking out into a rash...not just a change in detergent kind of thing either-my body is reacting to heat!!???
wash my hands in hot water-they break out into a rash
walk into a store/house where the heat is turned up-break into a rash
feet hot in snowboots...break out into an itchy rash
and tonight I was baking lots of chocolate chip cookies /cakes in a huge industrial size kitchen-I had the oven doors opened (right at eye level)to load up all my stuff into the pre-heated oven..and guess what?-my face and neck broke out into a rash...
Pray for me-I am a very healthy person and this is soooo strange and it's driving ME CRAZY!!!



Beth said...

Very cute hat! The itching is strange. Have you done any research? My doctor says that WebMD is a good site with reliable information. I will pray and I hope you feel better soon!

Amber said...

The hat is super sweet! As for that rash, I said a little prayer that all is okay; I had a co-worker once that broke into a bad rash, and the doctor said it was due to stress and lack of sleep...perhaps this is of any help for you...I know the prayer will do some good at least. Wishing non-itchy thoughts your way! Again...love he hat!